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A message from owner operator, Clay Grayson

Since I started my own business, I've had one main goal - to provide personalised, friendly and expert service at an affordable price.

I decided to start his own business when I realised that the companies I'd worked for over the years all operated in the same way. And it wasn't in the best interests of customers.

They treated every customer like a number, and didn't give each job the individual attention it needed.

I noticed that most plumbers were up selling unnecessary jobs, and focussing more on selling a big job than doing good quality plumbing work.

The approach was get in, sell as much as possible, and get out as fast as possible.

So I decided to start my own plumbing business that would do things differently.

Now, Sydneywide Plumbing, proudly serves our fast growing customer base.

Customers are happy, and I'm happy knowing I'm doing quality work and giving my customers the time and attention they deserve - a fair job for a fair price.

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Why Choose Us?


We Look After The Locals

From humble beginnings as a one man in a van, Clay and his small, dedicated team know how important it is to get to know the locals and keep them happy.

We understand the importance of our local community and that's why we're always here for everyone in our local area.


We Value Your Time and Custom

We understand that your time is the most important thing.

You don't have the time to waste waiting on a late plumber. And you don't have to time to have to call a plumber back if something goes wrong with your job.

That's why we promise to arrive on time, and provide the highest quality plumbing work.


We're Fully Licensed and Experienced

Clay and his small team have decades of experience in plumbing, and we never hire a plumber with less than a decade of experience under their belt.

This ensures that when you call, you can rest easy knowing you're getting an experienced plumber.

Our Services

We offer a full range of plumbing services

plumbing services

Plumbing Repairs

We offer any and all types of plumbing repairs, maintenance and installation. We've got so much experience on our tight knit team, that we can guarantee if it involves residential or commercial plumbing we can fix it. And if it's a problem with drainage, hot water or gas plumbing, we can help with that too.

drains servies

Blocked Drains

We're experts in blocked drains, and started out as a primarily drains focussed company, so you know we've got the skills and experience to fix any drain problem, whether it's as small as a blocked toilet, or as big as a sewer dig up replacement. There's no drains job too big or small for us.

hot water

Hot Water

Got a problem with your hot water? We can help. With decades of experience with hot water heaters, we can help with repairs, maintenance, or installation of your hot water heater, to keep your showers and baths flowing hot for you.

We do things differently, so you get better service

People are loving our service because we do things differently.

When you call, instead of going through to a call centre, you'll be talking directly to Clay, or another one of his plumbing partners who will have at least 15 years of plumbing experience.

Once you book your appointment, we will keep you up to date with our location and our ETA.

And when we get on site, we take a detailed look at the job and discuss it with you. We'll give you expert advice and show you the options to fix it.

Then you'll get an honest, up front written quote. And if you have any problems with the quality of work, we'll come back and make it right for free.

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