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Plumbing problems in Autumn: Ask Plumber Menai

Did you know that an excess rain in a rainy season can clog your downspouts? That’s what happened to a neighbor in Menai. When the season transition takes place you should look out for your drainage to be clear and clean. Your sewer and drainage systems are all interconnected. If any one of them has a clogged pipe, that will lead to a major breakdown to your sewage system. After a tough and dry summer when the weather changes to a wet autumn you need to protect your drainage from clogging or any unprecedented leaks. 

Directing excess water towards the gutters protects your house from a severe downpour in rainy season and snowmelt. A gutter is connected to downspouts which then leads all the water away from your house and keeps the structure protected from rainwater. A proper drainage system is necessary to divert excess water away from your place to keep it dry. If you have a situation of clogged pipes, which is when you need to call professional plumber Menai. They suggest that you keep your drainage system maintained year round to avoid any mishaps. 

When the main lines are clogged what do you think the reason might be. After a summer when rains start pouring they gather all the fallen leaves dust and flow to the downspouts, which in turn again gathers all the remaining mud and leaves and crap from the ground. All of this flows into the gutter during the fall. If you notice water overflowing from your gutter you would have guessed that this is a drainage clogging issue. Additionally, if you have already done a DIY and cleared the downspout of leaves and dirt but, still it’s overflowing. So how do you deal with this clogged main line? Consult your Plumber, Menai. This could be a situation where your main line is clogged and you do need an expert advice. Get plumber Menai to do an inspection of the site and assess the situation. You can call them anytime, anywhere, they provide a 24hr service.

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